Miss Geist? I want to help. - Cher Horowitz, Clueless

In Amy Heckerling’s 1995 cinematic masterpiece, a young Alicia Silverstone modernizes Austen’s Emma and a young Andrea Garcia loved (loves) every freaking minute of it. We can learn a lot from Clueless including concussion care, immigration reform, that Paul Rudd never ages, but time and time again I’ve noticed a situation, a problem, a cause, and a little voice in my head that sounds a lot like Alicia Silverstone pops in to say, “I want to help.” 

Part of the impetus to start Mind + Matter is just that, to help. We exist to help individuals and businesses tell their story, to share what they do and why they do it. As individuals, as yoga teachers, as marketers so much of what we do is rooted in supporting others. As we say in Voice Your Value(s), “it’s not enough to say your values, you have to live them.”

I am a passionate advocate for Kansas City’s continued growth; to live that value I work with Teach for America - Kansas City and KC Sports Commission. In addition to these organizations I’ve taken a larger role within Power Life’s Teacher Training Program helping individuals become certified to teach yoga. While it may seem I am dividing my attention across multiple entities, at the base of all of these endeavors is one thing: empowering potential. I put my energy into empowering the potential of business owners, of teachers, of the city I love; when approached by an organization whose tagline is “defenders of potential” to help with one of their largest fundraisers, I knew I had to help. 

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kansas City, part of a nation wide network, matches youths with adult mentors. BBBSKC reports increased graduation rates, improved grades, and higher self esteem from “Littles” in the program. I’ve felt BBBSKC tug on my heart strings for years but didn’t feel like I was in the right place to be matched with a Little, and I still don’t. However, this year I am supporting Big Brothers Big Sisters in the best way I can: by telling their story, by connecting people, by asking for your support as a Kansas City’s Most Wanted Auction Honoree

What does that mean? Until December 14th I’ll be hosting events, asking for sponsorships and silent auction items, and running a donation campaign to support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kansas City. I’ve set my goal at $10,000...but I think we can do better. If you’re willing to donate your time, an auction item, or a corporate sponsorship, email me

I fully believe in the power of community, connection, and support. I believe in my community to pull together for this great cause. I believe you can, or you know someone who can, help toward this goal. I believe we can and should support kids in Kansas City. If you’re reading this I know you likely believe in some, or all, of these things.

Let’s live our values.

Let’s defend the potential of our youth, of our city. 

Under The Influence

Under The Influence

In 2015 Nielsen reported that 83% of consumers trust recommendations of friends and family. Influencer marketing gives brands the best of both worlds, a recommendation from someone who feels like a friend to the consumer and some control of the message. If you’re considering including influencer marketing in your 2019 spend here are some things to consider…

We're MMoving

As yoga teachers, as people, we strongly believe in the power of movement. Staying in the same place for too long can cause us to atrophy. When we move, we get stronger. The movement doesn’t always have to be big and bold, but sometimes it is.

When we reflect on our first full calendar year in business we have many accomplishments we’re proud to have created in support of our clients. When we started to look ahead to 2019 we were challenged by how to move our business forward rather than stay in our same rhythm. While we create movement in our work through continued professional development and exploring new possibilities with our clients; we wanted to do more. We made the choice to make a big move, in the physical sense.


We’re excited to announce MMHQ is moving. Literally.

While our home for the past sixteen months has been a wonderful incubator for our business, we are more than ready for this next step. Having an office will allow us more structure, a better approach to work/life balance, and time with other talented individuals for collaboration.

The team at Westwork Content + Design graciously invited Mind + Matter into their office. We’re excited to share space, ideas, talents, and La Croix with the Westwork team in addition to Open Belly podcast. All businesses will continue to operate independently, just a little closer together.

 Want to check out the space while planning your 2019 strategy? Shoot us an email.

Social Media: This time, it's PERSONAL.

Social Media: This time, it's PERSONAL.

My slow, but steady, immersion into the world of social was just that, social. It was a thing I did. I never considered it was thing I would DO, a job I would charge people real American money to strategize, execute, and analyze for them. Let’s just say my use of social was...liberal...in my mid-twenties and as my professional focus has shifted so has my use of social.

Network Like You Give A F*ck

Network Like You Give A F*ck

We’ve become aware that our view towards connections is more based in yogic philosophy than business. If given the choice, we’ll take a small, trusted network over 1000 warmed bodies any day of the week. Connection to the community and the people within it is a cornerstone of what Mind + Matter is all about. We know that this connection empowers us to deliver meaningful work to the people doing great things in their communities.

Partner Like You Give A F*ck

Partner Like You Give A F*ck

If you do a scan of our website you may notice we don’t describe what we do as being an “marketing agency.” It’s not who we believe we are, is it what we do? Kind of. In the simplest terms when people ask what I do I say I work at a marketing agency. It’s the easiest, most relatable term. However, as we’ve mentioned before, marketing can feel kind of...gross. Being cognizant of the fact that people hire us to help them build their brand, tell their story, sell more things/services how do we dissociate ourselves from the world of being an agency?

It's All About Balance

For Team MM how we present a united front is always a priority. In a team of two having each others backs while you build a business together isn’t a nice thing to do, it’s a necessity. Other things that are necessities: meeting client commitments, paying bills, and taking time for yourself to breathe. Often that last thing gets sacrificed first.

Two years ago in September Drew suggested I try out a new yoga place opening on the Plaza, Power Life Yoga. I dismissed it with a, “yoga’s not really my thing.” But I did get suckered in for a barre class, you know, because that is ‘real’ work. I couldn’t be bothered to take one hour out of my day for my physical health unless it was maximally efficient. Obviously that didn’t last too long. As we both grew in our yoga practices, our priorities shifted. We each became more dedicated to spending our time and energy on things that provided the same to back us.

As we continued to look for pursuits that cultivated that feeling it became clear that we each wanted a few things: to help create things that share a story and bring people together, to have more control over how we spend our time/energy, and to be able to dedicate time to taking better care of ourselves physically and mentally. As part of that we created Mind + Matter; a passion project originally intended to be a side hustle, something fun to work on when we weren’t doing our 8-5 jobs with the hope of it being larger far, far, far down the road. Why Mind + Matter? In yoga, in partnerships, in life balance is key. As a team we work well together because we balance each other out; creative vs analytical, calm vs stressed all the damn time, art vs business. But while we often fall on opposite ends of any spectrum we also have a LOT of common ground, common direction, common goals.

The more we dove into it, the more clear it became that we wanted this to become a bigger part of our lives sooner rather than later. At the same time we both started teaching various forms of yoga. And while splitting time three ways was more than a little exhausting the reward (emotional not monetary) was well worth the effort.

Early this summer we both decided to leave our “real” jobs. We decided to teach yoga and make a real run at M+M being our full time jobs. It hasn’t always been easy, the paying bills thing has been more difficult some days than others, we don’t always make it to the yoga class, one of us occasionally lives off of coffee and sugar (it’s me), but we’re getting through it with patience, one day at a time, one breath at a time.

Last Thursday I overextended myself, Drew covered my class. Monday night Drew needed time to work, I covered his class. I walked into the studio and joked with the yogis, “I’m obviously not Drew, but at this point we’re basically interchangeable,” which, we’re not...at all. But one of them came up to me after class and said, “I know that was a joke but for me you really are interchangeable, I was sad when I saw he wasn’t here but then I realized you were and I knew it would be ok.” If that isn’t teamwork goals, I don’t know what is.

When you’re a team of two having each other’s backs isn’t just nice, it’s necessary. Being able to step up when the other can’t, being able to do your best for them just as much as for yourself, taking a breath when things get tense (because let’s be real, everyone has their moments), being able to mindfully check in with one another are all things that make us better business partners and better humans. Most of these things we can attribute to our yoga practice and applying what we experience on our mats in our lives.

Happy MMiversary

Happy MMiversary

As we both mention, it’s a little bit of a leap. We know that to provide our clients, current and future, the kind of support we want to be the hallmark of Mind + Matter we had to commit to it full time. Are we there yet? No, not quite. But we believe in our vision, we believe in our mission, we believe in our clients, and how we can bring their stories to life enough to make the commitment, to leap.