Mind Your Matters - Holiday Edition

Just because it’s Christmas...(and at Christmas you tell the truth)...

We don’t love of a lot of the holiday advertisements that have found their way into our TV screens and social media feeds. They are decidedly festive but are they good? 

Marketing plays on emotion because it can, good marketing speaks to your emotions in a meaningful way. While marketing's job is to play to emotions it’s possible to do so without being cheesier than your holiday popcorn assortment. That brings us to the opening chapter of our Mind Your Matters series: Make it Mindful.

Looking past any specific holiday, we believe this season is ultimately about mindfulness. When you consider gifts you have received in the past. it is likely that the most memorable wasn’t the most expensive. Often the ones that are most poignant are the ones that show the giver understands what is most meaningful to you. The value in these gifts is not in the monetary cost, it is demonstrated in the investment of their time, and their consideration, just for you.

Think about images we associate with the modern Christmas. There are wreaths, trees covered in lights, Santa, and the picture perfect family standing in their dimly lit, snowy driveway,  their gazes lovingly fixed on the centerpiece of their holiday. No, not at each other, but at the pristine white luxury coupe occupying their driveway; naturally, it is topped with a giant red bow. To this we’re not angry, we’re disappointed. See the full spot here.

(Can we take a moment to talk about how the car is pristine over the softest, fluffiest snow you’ve ever seen? Yet nary a tire track is to be found!)

(Can we take a moment to talk about how the car is pristine over the softest, fluffiest snow you’ve ever seen? Yet nary a tire track is to be found!)

Contrast the Lexus spot with Amazon’s effort this holiday season. Amazon, a company that built itself on people not wanting to go interact with other humans, has begun to add a tangible level of emotion to their marketing efforts. Here, a Priest and Imam find a common connection over a common problem. Through Amazon they are able to send a gift to the other in an inexpensive, yet very meaningful way. It isn't a spendy, flashy gift; it is practical, it's caring, it's kind. Each is given with intent. See the full spot here.

Marketing speaks to emotions, good marketing does so in a meaningful way. Simply put, the red car bow is lazy. It's 'meaningful' because it's a big, spendy gift. It says Christmas is about giving but is it about giving big or giving well? The Amazon spot represents a 'lazier' gift exchange. One click, inexpensive. THERE ISN'T EVEN A BIG, RED BOW INVOLVED. 

To us, the difference is intent. While currently mind+matter is working in a different space than large, national brands, we feel there is a responsibility to share our approach to developing a message. Not being big to be big, not adding a layer of sparkle just because it's pretty, but to create with intent, to purposefully share our clients' stories. Every image we craft, every word we write has a purpose. We believe in being mindful.