Social Media: This time, it's PERSONAL.

I’ve been using social media for ten years and my entrance into social was begrudging, at best. My roommates set up my Facebook for me in 2007, I *finally* got a Twitter account when the COO of my previous employer tweeted about me, I added Instagram to my repertoire when I switched from Android to Apple on a business trip. My slow, but steady, immersion into the world of social was just that, social. It was a thing I did. I never considered it was thing I would DO, a job I would charge people real American money to strategize, execute, and analyze for them. Let’s just say my use of social my mid-twenties and as my professional focus has shifted so has my use of social. While a decade is a long time to do anything without some type of proficiency I am always eager to learn how others approach social when it is both their recreation and their job. When SMCKC announced December breakfast would be on just that topic with Eric “Mean” Melin, I was in.  

You can watch the presentation HERE. I think you should watch the whole thing but my tl;dr:

  • Don’t play good twin/evil twin on social. Have one profile, use it well. Nobody wants to follow a corporate bot only RT’ing industry/agency articles. Use your profile to share your professional and personal interests. If you can’t manage a feed that combines marketing + your interest in sports, trashy reality tv, and tacos, can you manage multiple client obligations? (Caveat: I do have two accounts, I manage them well, I don’t see the other one going away anytime soon. No, I won’t tell you how to find it.)

  • Your brand already exists. We constantly tell our clients this; your brand isn’t what you say it is, your brand is what other people say it is. According to Jeff Bezos your brand is “what people say about you when you leave the room.” I am regularly tagged in things on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram about yoga, otters, fancy cocktails, Kyle Beckerman/Chris Wondolowski, and asked for restaurant recommendations. That doesn’t just happen, that’s years of content. My personal brand is strong.

  • Your profile is your resume and then some. If you want to advance your career in social, practice what you preach. Create content, manage your profile well, engage with other users. The more complex and well curated your personal account is, the more it speaks to your ability to do those things for others.

  • You are complex. Own it. A few weeks ago I tweeted, “Sometimes people from marketing/tech/healthcare follow me and I’m’s mostly Harry Potter, cheese, and self deprecation around here.” It had 558 impressions and 24 engagements, not great in terms of activity but a solid, factual tweet. In my profile I say I tweet a lot, because I do. I tweet about business, I tweet about yoga, I tweet about MTV’s The Challenge and Jersey Shore, I tweet about champagne and Boulevard beer, I tweet about dating and being an entrepreneur. Different people engage with these different facets. Put your interests out into the world, people will connect with them and you because of them.

  • Build relationships. Social is a conversation, not a billboard. Use your profiles to build relationships.

  • Always do your best. In life and on the internet present the best, most accurate version of you that you can. Know that you are complex, you’re allowed to like what you like, you’re allowed to dislike what you dislike, but there are humans on the other end of these interactions, treat them with the respect that you would want to receive.

Watch the video. You can catch up with me across all platforms as AKGarcia331, because branding. Sorry in advance for the Harry Potter and cheese.

- AG


Photo by Gilles Lambert on Unsplash