Happy MMiversary

A little over a year ago Drew and I collaborated on a creative project, Namasdre. The response to it was overwhelmingly positive and suddenly our jokes about having “the hottest collabs in the biz” were less joking and more serious. A year ago today we went to lunch, we talked about making a thing, with nervous discussion we both asked the question, “are we really doing this?” Yes. We both said yes.

Making the initial decision was the easy* part; committing to it, day after day, is hard. We started to layout a plan to scale the business at a measured rate projecting when each of us, based on client needs, could leave our “other” jobs. We came to realize in order to create the business we wanted, to support our clients in a manner that was true to our ideals as a company, and as individuals, spending forty hours a week elsewhere wasn’t possible.

What we do as a business is important to us, and neither of us is willing to do it half way. Over Memorial Day weekend I decided I needed to commit myself to Mind + Matter completely. You can read about that HERE. Whether it was FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) or wanting the same level of involvement in our operations, Drew soon followed suit. You can read about his decision HERE.

As we both mention, it’s a little bit of a leap. We know that to provide our clients, current and future, the kind of support we want to be the hallmark of Mind + Matter we had to commit to it full time. Are we there yet? No, not quite. But we believe in our vision, we believe in our mission, we believe in our clients, and how we can bring their stories to life enough to make the commitment, to leap.

It’s been a crazy year, there have been amazing steps forward, there have been steps back, there have been days where we stand still but it’s all progress. Thank you for your support, your encouragement. Here’s to year one, and many more to come!

Team MM (Andrea and Drew)

*not easy at all.