Partner Like You Give A F*ck

I recently attended a session during Global Entrepreneurship Week and the conversation turned to how worthwhile it is to have an agency do it rather than do it yourself. I always get a little uneasy when conversations turn to agencies. Not for the reason you probably think. I get uneasy in the same way I get uneasy when a friend tells me about a bad date, the kind that just makes you feel icky for having to hear the story.

Why is that?

If you do a scan of our website you may notice we don’t describe what we do as being an “marketing agency.” It’s not who we believe we are, is it what we do? Kind of. In the simplest terms when people ask what I do I say I work at a marketing agency. It’s the easiest, most relatable term. However, as we’ve mentioned before, marketing can feel kind of...gross. Being cognizant of the fact that people hire us to help them build their brand, tell their story, sell more things/services how do we dissociate ourselves from the world of being an agency?

We believe it is in our approach.

We believe in purposeful partnerships, in building strong relationships. In reality, finding an agency is a lot like dating:

  • Be willing to swipe a few times - when you’re dating you don’t marry the first person you go on a date with, right? Maybe for a lucky few it works but for the majority of us, we have to do some digging. Make coffee dates with potential agencies, if you get a good vibe schedule a follow up. You don’t have to decide we’re, I mean...they’re, THE ONE the first time you meet. A good marketing support system will do the same thing; they’ll get to know you, decide if they can support your needs, and if you’re a good fit for them.

  • Communicate - Partnerships, romantic and business alike, thrive on good communication. While account managers do their best to anticipate each client’s needs, it works so much better when you tell us where frustration points exist, things that are priorities to you, when you have questions. The more we communicate the better we can support your individual needs.

  • Be heard - One of the most concerning things I heard recently was “just let agency people talk, they’ll keep going.” If one of my friends dated someone who didn’t ask them questions and listen to the response, I’d tell them to walk away. Nobody wants to date someone who only talks at you about how great they are. Your agency should be the same.

  • Commit - Once you find a partner, be ready to be in it for the long haul. There will be an adjustment period, there will be days when everyone is frustrated, but when you’re committed to working through things, to the relationship, you come out the other side better for it.

So we’re not looking to be your sidepiece. We’re not looking to be Mr/s. Right Now. We’re in this thing for the longevity. We want to support people and businesses who share similar goals, interests, and that we can send the occasional gif to because it made us laugh.